In this circus we are all characters in the same tent, full of many surprises. Of loves, of anguish, of shocks, of frustrations, of magic, of color, of shadows of sadness, of loneliness, of abandonment.

Everything is orchestrated by God, who after all is the owner of the circus. Who has not been a juggler spinning love, success, money, conscience and unconsciousness, trying to keep everything in such harmony that nothing falls out?

Who has not walked so many times on a tightrope with love, with work, with life?

Who has not been clown of the children of him to achieve a smile; or of life, that you sometimes in situations where you are just a simple buffoon?

Who has not been a magician trying on occasions to make several pieces of bread come out to feed loved ones, or to change what surrounds us, and how many times as magicians we fail to maintain the charm of a relationship, or how many other times Magic traps us and corners us inside a box and they stab us with daggers and cut us the head and suffer as much until the act ends?

Magic traps us all the time; With a sunrise, sunset, dusk, with the color and shadows that scare or surprise us. Who has not been placed in the muzzle and thrown like a human bullet at the fame, success, failure, love or death?

Who has not been a trapeze artist? All the time we are on the trapeze held by a thread called life from which we can fall at any moment but still we are always on the move with funny forms full of tension and illusion where sometimes we find company and other times we rock alone.

Who has not been a tamer of beasts in this world full of claws and fangs where only great trainers sometimes manage to defeat those beasts called lies, falsehood, hypocrisy, envy and betrayal?

Who has not wanted on many occasions to leave the circus out of fatigue, fear,

loneliness, frustration, failure?

I invite you, my friend, to continue with the show because in this tent the brave, the


The kind, the honest, the loving, will always do a good job. The owner of this store sees everything and one day it will fill us with light and will take us to Him to accompany Him in his difficult and arduous task and we will be part of the light that illuminates the great circus of life.

Dora Gabay PLASTIC ARTIST SCULPTRESS has her brain in her head but heart and soul in her hands | Origins and current state of a sculptor in constant evolution.

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